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36° Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Back in 2001, 36° Extra Virgin Olive Oil owner and grower, Joe Brosius, set out to make great olive oil. After a long search, he found the perfect location to plant a carefully chosen variety of Spanish and Italian olive trees — on a sun-soaked, south-facing hillside in Paso Robles, California at 36° latitude.

At 36° Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our passion for perfection drives everything we do. It started the very first day we planted the trees and continues today with the growing, fertilizing and pruning as well as the harvesting, milling and even the packaging. We’re also proud to have a role in the growing recognition that, as the 1970s were with wine, California is now consistently producing olive oil that rivals the very best from Europe.

Handcrafted, robust and simply beautiful, you’ll savor every nuance of 36° Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pour it on all your favorite foods. Impress your next gathering. From our trees to your table, you’ll definitely taste the difference!

We are thrilled that two of our key staff members are getting married in September in Tuscany! Because we are all attending, orders received after September 5th, 2017 will be shipped the week of October 9th, 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience, but promise to deliver our great olive oil when we return.